Trust Africa - EarthView

Trust Africa is a partnership program between Trust Infotech Electronics LLC, Dubi and EarthView Management Limited for directly selling Trust Infotech's Products in Kenya and African region.

About EarthView

Earthview Management Limited is an impact-oriented company focused on the measurement, effective management and conservation of natural resources through technology.

Earthview is a Subsidiary Member of KAPS Group , East Africa’s Premier Parking and Ticketing Company. KAPS has successfully installed parking access and security systems for airports, municipalities and major multiuse commercial facilities such as the Mara triangle, JKIA and major malls across the Kenya.


From small to large enterprises, our clients tell us that we increase their productivity by allowing them to focus on core business functions and leaving the I.T. to us. They tell us we increase their profitability by reducing their costs through affordable, durable solutions. And they tell us we save them time, energy, and money.

Key Domain Area

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

HR & Payroll Solutions

Hospital & Clinic Management

Inventory & Manufacturing Management

Asset Tracking & Management

Pharmacy Management System


With experience in most verticals, public and commercial enterprise, and across the spectrum of IT and Telecomm services, we strives for a strong, and lasting relationships with customers. We value and hold our customer’s systems and information with the highest regard. We are committed to the success of our customers and we measure our performance against achievement of their objectives.